Abibus, S. (3)

Abibus, S. (3)

3S. Abibus (Bibus), (6. Sept.), ein Diakon und Martyrer in Egypten. S. S. Faustus.

http://www.zeno.org/Heiligenlexikon-1858. 1858.

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  • Abibus — is the name of several people. These include:aints*Abibus of Edessa, a Christian martyr at Edessa, Syria. *Abibus of Nekressi, bishop of Nekressi and one of the 13 Syrian apostles of Georgia *Abibus of Alexandria, a deacon and martyr see Faustus …   Wikipedia

  • Abibus, S. (5) — 5S. Abibus, Diac. M. (15. Nov.) Der hl. Abibus, Diakon und Martyrer zu Edessa, erlitt unter dem Kaiser Licinius und dem Stadtpräfekten Lysanias den Martertod daselbst. Bei Ausbruch der Verfolgung hielt sich der hl. Abibus eine Zeit lang verborgen …   Vollständiges Heiligen-Lexikon

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  • Abibus of Samosata — (? 297) was a Christian martyr at Samosata. He was ordered executed in 297 by crucifixion. After having lived for two days on the cross, he was taken down and his head was pierced by nails. His feast day is kept on December 9.References*Holweck,… …   Wikipedia

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