Aduatucī, ōrum, m., ein kimbrisches Volk in Gallia Belgica, im heutigen Südbrabant, Caes. b.G. 2, 4, 9. 1806–1895.

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  • Aduatuci — (a. Geogr.), Volk im Belgischen Gallien, ein Theil (6000 Mann) der in Gallien eingedrungenen Cimbern u. Teutonen, welche, während die andern südwärts zogen, zur Bewachung des Gepäcks zurückblieben u. sich dann westlich von der Maas ansiedelten;… …   Pierer's Universal-Lexikon

  • Aduatuci — The Aduatuci or Atuatuci were a tribe formed in east Belgium from descendants of (proto )Germanic Cimbri, Teutons, and Ambrone tribes. Originally from Jutland, the tribes combined with local fragments of Germanic and Gaul peoples forming the… …   Wikipedia

  • АДУАТУКИ —    • Aduatǔci,          сильное племя в Gallia Belgica, которое позднее означается общим именем Tongri, обитало около нынешнего Люттиха и Намура, на левом берегу Мааса, очень храбро воевало с римлянами. Caes. b. g. 2, 4. 16, 29. 5, 38. 56. 6, 2.… …   Реальный словарь классических древностей

  • Civitas Tungrorum — The Civitas Tungrorum was a large Roman administrative district. In the early days of the Roman empire it was in the province of Gallia Belgica, but it later joined the neighbouring lower Rhine river border districts, within the province of… …   Wikipedia

  • Battle of the Sabis — Infobox Military Conflict caption= conflict=Battle of the Sabis partof=the Gallic Wars date=57 BC place=Gaul result=Roman victory combatant1=Roman Republic combatant2=Nervii, Viromandui, Atrebates commander1=Julius Caesar commander2=Boduognatus… …   Wikipedia

  • Germani cisrhenani — is a Latin term which refers to that part of the tribal people known as Germani who lived to the west of the Rhine river. Cisrhenane, the English form of the word, means this side of the Rhine . The opposite is transrhenane or that side of the… …   Wikipedia

  • Aduatuker — Die Aduatuker oder Atuatuker sind ein germanischer cisrhenanischer (linksrheinischer) Volksstamm in der Gegend des heutigen Tongeren (Belgien), zwischen Schelde und Maas. Erwähnt werden die Aduatuker in Julius Cäsars Schrift De Bello Gallico… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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