List of scorpion common names

List of scorpion common names

Also see scorpions and list of common names for non-scorpion arachnids commonly called scorpions.

* Arizona bark scorpion, "Centruroides sculpturatus"
* Asian forest scorpion, "Heterometrus spinifer"
* Burrowing, tri-colored or hissing scorpions, various species within genus "Opistophthalmus"
* Australian rainforest scorpion "Liocheles species"
* Baja California bark scorpion, "Centruroides exilicauda"
* Brazilian yellow scorpion, "Tityus serrulatus"
* Brown Bark Scorpion, "Centruroides gracilis"
* Chinese armor-tail scorpion, "Mesobuthus martensii"
* Chinese swimming scorpion, "Lychas mucronatus"
* Deathstalker scorpion (or Israeli deathstalker scorpion), "Leiurus quinquestriatus"
* Desert hairy scorpion, "Hadrurus arizonensis"
* Dune scorpion, "Smeringurus mesaensis"
* Emperor scorpion, "Pandinus imperator"
* (Common) European scorpion, "Buthus occitanus tunetanus"
* Fattail scorpion, "Androctonus australis" and other scorpions from the Androctonus genus
* Flat-rock scorpion, "Hadogenes troglodytes"
* Florida Bark Scorpion, "Centruroides gracilis"
* Giant Banded Flat Rock Scorpion, "Hadogenes bicolor"
* Israeli gold scorpion "Scorpio maurus"
* Israeli black scorpion possibly "Scorpio maurus fuscus"
* Striped tailed or 'devil' scorpion, "Vaejovis spinigeris"
* Northern desert hairy scorpion, "Hadrurus spadix"
* Slenderbrown scorpion, "Centruroides gracilis"
* Spitting Scorpion, "Parabuthus transvaalicus"
* Striped bark scorpion, "Centruroides vittatus"
* Yellow-legged creeping scorpion, "Opistacanthus apser" or "Opistothalmus glabrifons"
* Skeged scorpion,"Euscorpius tergestinus"

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