Aenides [1]

Aenides [1]

1. Aenīdēs, ae, m. (Αἰνίδης), der Änide (Nachkomme des Äneus, Αἰνεύς, Vaters des Kyzikos); dah. Plur. Aenidae, v. den Einwohnern von Kyzikum, Val. Flacc. 3, 4. 1806–1895.

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  • Aeneads — In Roman mythology, the Aeneads (Αἰνειάδες in Greek) were the friends, family and companions of Aeneas, with whom they fled from Troy after the Trojan War. Virgil also used the word as a synonym of Trojan , a person from Troy.The Aeneads included …   Wikipedia

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