abnegātīvus, a, um (abnego), verneinend, Prisc. 15, 32 u.ö.

http://www.zeno.org/Georges-1913. 1806–1895.

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  • Abnegative — Ab ne*ga*tive, a. [L. abnegativus.] Denying; renouncing; negative. [R.] Clarke. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • abnegative — abnegative, a. rare. (ˈæbnɪˌgeɪtɪv) [f. abnegāt ppl. stem of abnegāre (see abnegate) + ive, as if ad. L. *abnegātīvus.] Of or belonging to abnegation; denying; renouncing; negative. Not in Craig 1847; Webster cites Clarke …   Useful english dictionary

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