AEACIDES, is, so wurden oftmals Peleus, Achilles, Pyrrhus, und alle diejenigen genannt, die vom Aeacus herstammeten. Man bemerket, daß alle Aeaciden eines gewaltsamen Todes gestorben. Pausan. in Corinth. p. 139.

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  • Aeacides — /ee as i deez /, n., pl. Aeacidae / dee /. Class. Myth. a patronymic for any of the descendants of Aeacus, as Achilles, Peleus, and Telamon. * * * …   Universalium

  • Aeacides — /ee as i deez /, n., pl. Aeacidae / dee /. Class. Myth. a patronymic for any of the descendants of Aeacus, as Achilles, Peleus, and Telamon …   Useful english dictionary

  • Aeacides of Epirus — Aeacides may also refer to Peleus, son of Aeacus, or Achilles, grandson of Aeacus. Aeacides (Greek: Aἰακίδης; died 313 BC), king of Epirus (331 316, 313 BC), was son of Arymbas and grandson of Alcetas II. He succeeded to the throne of Epirus on… …   Wikipedia

  • ЭАКИДЫ —    • Aeacides,          Αίακίδης, прозвище нескольких героев, как потомков Эака (см. Aeacus, Эак): напр. Пелея, Ахилла (Verg. Aen. 1, 99), Неопполема (т. ж. 3, 296), а равно и царей Персея и Пирра (Cic. div. 2, 56) …   Реальный словарь классических древностей

  • 313 BC — NOTOC EventsBy placeEgypt* Ptolemy, whose Egyptian kingdom includes Cyprus, puts down a revolt there. A revolt in Cyrene is also crushed.Greece* Becoming tired of the Macedonian rule, the people of Epirus recall their former king Aeacides.… …   Wikipedia

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  • Alcetas II of Epirus — Alcetas II ( el. Ἀλκέτας), king of Epirus, was the son of Arymbas, and grandson of Alcetas I. On account of his ungovernable temper, he was banished by his father, who appointed his younger son, Aeacides, to succeed him. On the death of Aeacides …   Wikipedia

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